Engine Maintenance

April 16 2019, Bilodeau Autos

Engine Maintenance

Engine Maintenance, How Does it Work?

In colder weather, it is highly recommended to pay close attention to our vehicles, may it be while driving or during maintenance appointments. According to vehicle owner guides, Quebec's weather is very harsh. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant and prepared. 

To ensure that your engine starts and works correctly, always keep your fuel tank minimum half full. This limits condensation in the tank and reduces the risks of freezing in the fuel pipelines. You will also considerably reduce risks of car breakdowns when faced with the unexpected, such as traffic.

Don't forget to always closely listen to signs that your vehicle sends you. If the engine check light is on, head to your service centre for a checkup. Radical change in weather - as we have here, in Quebec - can aggravate existing problems in your vehicle or create new ones. A regular check up is therefore a good way to ensure you take the road safely, in a vehicle that is functioning perfectly.

A simple battery check up will allow you to make sure that it is powerful enough to start your vehicle in cold weather. Moreover, special attention must be given to your brakes. Make sure they are not too worn out as they are the most important element of your vehicle while driving on icy roads.

Road Safety

Quebec winters are known for the bad weather, making driving conditions difficult and, at times, dangerous. It is, therefore, important to respect speed limits. However, do not hesitate to drive below the speed limit in conditions such as snow storms and extreme bad weather, where the stability of your vehicle on the road is jeopardized. In these types of conditions, it is essential to keep a safe braking distance between vehicles to avoid accidents on snowy and icy roads. A driver who fails to adapt their driving to the bad weather can risk getting a $60 fine as well as 2 demerit points.

Here are a few elements to check before taking the road:

  • Function of the wipers
  • Function of your heating system
  • Windshield washer fluid level
  • Brake liquid
  • Coolant level
  • Engine and transmission oil
  • State of the tires and spare tire
  • Ignition system
  • State of the headlights, flashers and hazard lights
  • Belts, brakes and battery

Finally, always think ahead and do not forget that your priority is the safety of others and yourself. A certified inspection can ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready for the winter season. Book your appointment today at Bilodeau Autos!

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